Who we are
The company’s philosophy
The historical memory as a way to grow.

Powderex is a dynamic and versatile company, active in the production of thermoplastic powders.
The modern and efficient manufacturing plant of Powderex transforms the thermoplastic resins, originally under the form of granules, into powders for rotational molding, production of masterbatches, additives and industrial carpeting.

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What we do
High quality,
quick answers

The know how needed to develop tailor­made products, together with the flexibility and immediate answers from the production system, feature Powderex offer on the market, continuously aimed to the customer satisfaction.

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Our products
Powder and micronization

Our powders offer the ultimate in to ensure quality and performance solutions customized in different fields.

Powderex produces powders of Polyethylene for rotational moulding, carpeting and powders of Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene and EVA for the production of masterbatches.